Tuesday, 29 April 2014

YOU can help in the Fight Against Fracking

We, the people, can resist the Fracking movement

In south-eastern Poland, Grabowiec County, Chevron's first fracking stop was Rogów, a small 106 person farming community.

The villagers signed agreements with Chevron's subcontractor to conduct seismic testing on the land they owned. Machinery arrived on the fields, walls cracked and well water turned black. Outraged, all further work was brought to a halt by the villagers.

Despite attempts by the local and state government, word spread quickly and soon foreign journalists and a French television station, were reporting on the hazardous effects of the company's activities.

The Prime Minister of Poland, Donald Tusk, intervened and persuaded Chevron to stop and move to the neighbouring village of Żurawlów.

Now the villagers of Żurawlów are fighting by using the law against Chevron. For about a year and a half, Chevron have been pulled apart by the legal process with the villagers finding fault in all the documentation that Chevron present. They are up against the wall. It turns out they have no concession.

Dart were forced to stop fracking in Australia by strong community campaigning and action. They thought the UK would be easier for them.

In Scotland, Fracking has been brought to a halt pending an inquiry that started on 18th March 2014. There were over 2,500 objections from local people, 27 communities (90,000 people) fighting for their rights, applications rejected by Falkirk and Stirling Councils.

Local communities all over the country are coming together and organising themselves to combat the threat to our health and our wonderful British countryside.

Others have shown us that it can be stopped. Take inspiration from them, Stand up and be counted, take action now before it's too late for our children, our grandchildren and their children's children

Your local Anti-Fracking Group is  Frack Free Upton

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