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A Quick Guide to doing your own Research

A Quick Guide to doing your own Research

Aim to find out everything you can about the technology, economics and everyone involved; the companies, investors, the directors and executives and the advocates.

Company names:

• Cuadrilla Resources
• Dart
• iGas
• Cluff Natural Resources
• Reach CSG
• Nexen Exploration UK
• UK Methane
• Coastal Oil and Gas Limited
• Eden Energy
• Archaean Energy UK
• Dart (Alkaine, Composite Energy, Greenpark Energy)

Top Keywords:

• shale, oil, gas
• coal, coal bed methane
• underground coal gasification
• hydraulic fracturing
• unconventional gas
• hydrocarbons
• drill, drilled, drilling, borehole, well, rig, directional
• exploration, appraisal
• extraction, production
• water treatment, outfall

Previous Planning Proposal Titles:

Shale Oil & Gas

• Variation of condition 2 of permission 05/09/0572 to extend the time for the restoration of the site to 31 december 2013
• Variation of Conditions 5 and 8 of planning permission N.08/20/299 M to enable the second of the 2 approved wells to be drilled and to allow a reasonable time period for the well to be drilled
• Retention of development permitted under TA98/0258 and the construction and testing of two new directional appraisal wells.
• Temporary change of use from agriculture to construction of a drilling platform upgrade of farm track and removal of hedges to create one of three passing places drilling of exploratory borehole and testing for hydrocarbons
• Temporary change of use from agricultural to site for drilling an exploratory borehole and testing for hydrocarbons, including construction of a drilling platform upgrade existing sewer works access and track
• Scoping opinion for environmental statement to accompany application for testing and hydraulic fracturing of exploratory lateral borehole

Non Specific Unconventional

• Drill and test the insitu namurian shale and associated strata
• Drill an exploration borehole to test for unconventional gas reserves in the Westphalian and Namurian strata.
• Drill and test the insitu lower limestone and associated strata for the presence of gas
• Temporary change of use of agricultural land (for approximately 12 weeks) to allow drilling of an exploratory borehole to test the insitu coals, Lower Limestone Shale and associated strata; including provision of a drill rig and associated site compound

Coal Bed Methane

• Drill and test permeability of coal and associated strata
• Planning permission to site a rig for an appraisal borehole with associated works
• Gas Exploration and Production Facility
• Exploratory Drilling for Testing of Coal Seams
• Construction of a compound for gas exploration including, offices, toilets, fuel store, generators, parking area drilling rig and associated drilling equipment for a temporary period of 12 weeks.
• Establishment of coal bed methane extraction facility with associated driving infrastructure compounds, access roads and associated landscaping.
• Development For Coal Bed Methane Production, Including Drilling, Well Site Establishment at 14 Locations, Inter-Site Connection Services, Site Access Tracks, a Gas Delivery and Water Treatment Facility, Ancillary Facilities, Infrastructure and Associated Water Outfall Point
• Exploration and Pilot Test Development of Coal Bed Methane (CBM), Including Installation of Drilling & Production Equipment and Operation Specification, and Power Generation Equipment at Existing CBM Sites
• Gas Exploration & Production Facility to Extract Coal Bed Methane Gas (including the operation of a 24 hour Drilling Rig for an Initial 4-6 Week Period)
• Formation of borehole for the exploration and extraction of coal bed methane including the erection of a temporary drill rig, siting of 9 no. Cabins, ancillary plant and machinery, earthworks and formation of access
• Exploration, appraisal and operation of a well for coal bed methane production and development of associated works.
• Coal Bed Methane Gas Extraction
• Installation of two test drill rigs and associated works (for coalbed methane exploration)
• Drilling of boreholes for the testing, appraisal and operation of a coal bed methane production plant and associated works
• Exploration, appraisal and operation of a temporary well for Coal Bed Methane Production and for the development of temporary associated works
• To retain the permission 1/17/09/00002 for temporary coal bed methane exploration involving the drilling of a borehole and construction of soil bunds

Reproduced with the kind permission of http://frack-off.org.uk/

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